Since its establishment in 1994, in Group T3 we work with a clear objective: to offer the best quality products and services to our clients through both of our business units: T3 Química and T3 Process.

T3 Química focuses on the production and commercialization of PRS, FG, IND and CDX quality chemical products. With a portfolio of products growing year after year, T3 Química is a referential brand in the national market.

Our commitment to quality and a service compromise to our clients is clear. Because of this, we constantly invest in our plant located in Sentmenat, where we have reactors of fabrication in sets from 500 to 7000 litres, automatized lines to pack from vials to 1000 litres containers –as well as all the intermediate sizes- and a platform to treat solids that has mills, micronization systems and solid phase mixers.

Logistics and transportation

The road accesses to our plant, as well as its proximity to the Centro Integral de Mercancías CIM Vallés, assure a fast and secure delivery.

Our experience in the treatment and shipment of ADR chemical products guarantee the compliance of the regulations in packing, bottling and labelling in all of our products.